Mercury is retrograde 1/20 – 2/11 Aquarius in your 1 house emotional situations can throw you off balance so keep to the facts. 5/18 – 6/11 Gemini in your 5 house be willing to listen to the needs of your sweet heart or you may wind up in the dog house. 9/17 – 10/9 Libra in your 9 house ambition can help you get ahead but ambition with a clear plan will take you to the top.

Venus Goddess of Love shines her light on you from 4/11 – 5/8/2015 is a great time to wear your heart on your sleeve to gain a new admirer. She also favors you from 11/8 – 12/5/2015 when you could meet that special someone could match your wits and future plans. Don’t forget to bend with the wind when she’s retrograde from 7/25 – 9/6/2015

Mars is in your compatible sign Gemini from 5/13 – 6/24/2015. He inspires you to take creative and romantic action by opening your mind and your heart. A special friendship can find a deep new plateau. He asks you to expand your horizons and be more adventurous from 11/13 – 1/3/2016 when both your intellect and ambitions are aimed at a higher target.

Jupiter starts the year retrograde in your 7 and the sign Leo. You may have to re adjust your approach to both business and personal partnerships increasing. Cooperation and a friendly approach will bring new possibilities. Listen to good advice. He moves into Virgo and your 8 house on August 11, 2015. Your intuition will increase and you may find more enjoyment comes to you through partners. Join your energy with the one you love to create sensuality, caring and understanding

Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 11 house for the first time in 29 years. You need to examine your ability to join your creative energy with others for a larger cause. Your unusual social vision can be valuable but you may have to prove its worth to others. He will retrograde back into your 10 house of career from 6/16 till 9/19. Take time to review the lessons you’ve learned concerning the use of power and position. You disciplined yourself and learned how to be effective in the world. Now its time to move ahead.

Uranus has brought change energy to your 3 house of mind and communications for the past few years. He’s given you the energy and opportunity to assimilate new ideas and techniques into your life. You must focus to make them useful and productive. The final Square to Pluto in your 12 house will help you heal the shadows of your mind by identifying and eliminating personal fears. You’ll gain more inner strength, power and freedom. You’ll be able to harness the guiding light of your spirituality.

Neptune brings his subtle and creative energy to your 2 house. You may become intrigued by those who aspire to living a more creative life. Your talents and creative abilities may grow offering a different approach to money. Neptune is retrograde from June till November if a deal sounds too good to be true, be cautious.