Pisces – Mercury planet of communications is retrograde three times this year the first is from March 5 through March 28 there is confusion in the air. Think before you speak. His second retro Road. It is from July 8 through August 1 so develop an efficient routine. His third and final retrograde is October 31 through November 20 be careful how you express your beliefs. Keep an open mind. Venus goddess of love and romance points the way to love from March 27 – April 20. creative and artistic projects lend sizzle to romantic potential in July. Passion can burn bright when you meet a stranger at a school or a debate 19/9 – 11/1/2019. Control your romantic fantasies mid May when Venus conjuncts erratic and individualistic . Mars planet of action and desire brings the best times to go for what you want creative and romantic action from May 17 through July 2, be adventurous from November 20 – End of year. Be careful around Valentines day when Mars conjuncts erratic and individualistic . Jupiter King of the gods and planet of Good Fortune brings opportunities all year from those in power, and a raise or new position. Saturn the Lord of karma asks you to focus on associates and social movements. Its time to use your influence. Uranus, the earth shaker re enters Taurus March 6 be prepared for changes in your mind, analyze data and let your genius shine. Neptune planet of spirituality brings creative energy to your first house giving you charisma to influence others. Pluto planet of death and resurrection in your 11th house helps you find like minded people who want to make the world a better place.