Aries – Mercury the planet of communications retrogrades three times this year from March 5 – March 28 create peace in your heart. Meditation soothes the soul. His second retrograde is from July 8 through August 1 use common sense in pleasure, His third and final retrograde is from October 31 through November 20 be careful with your emotions in intimate situations. Venus is the goddess of love -in January she presents romantic opportunities through education, religion or travel, April 21 through May 16, is time to meet new people July 29 through August 22 visit an art gallery or concert to meet people. Mind your manners when Venus conjuncts Uranus in mid of May. Mars means action and desire best times to go for what you want January 2 through February 15, romantic action August 2 through September 18. Be careful around Valentines day when Mars conjuncts erratic and individualistic . Jupiter known as the planet of good fortune brings opportunities all year in educational, legal and visionary pursuits. Saturn the Lord of karma asks you to focus on your ambitions in career or social situations. Uranus, the earth shaker re enters Taurus March 6 be prepared for change in your values and financial situation. Develop your unique talents. Neptune brings creative energy to your 12 house increasing your spiritual awareness, psychic ability and imagination. Pluto in your 10 house helps you overcome career challenges be ready for big changes.