The new moon colors the month with vibrant energy.  Venus and Neptune opens the door for lovers to embrace and the cosmic challenge stimulates action and tension in our lives.

Aries –  A new moon in your first house of personality energizes your personal expression.  This can be very positive if you can control your ego and limit reactions to impulsive feelings.  Use the power of mental logic and physical exercise to help you focus your abundant energy.  Make love not war.  A huge energy shift occurs towards the end of the month so check out the Cosmic Challenge.

Aries – The Conjunction of Venus and Neptune is in Pisces and your12 house is illuminated so you need to be aware that love is a natural part of your spiritual expression.  Listen to your intuition about love, follow your dreams to the future but keep all your actions above board.  This is not the time to take foolish chances but it is time to deepen your spiritual bonds and creative efforts. Be wise in the pursuit of pleasure and share your love with care. You may find love in a church or at a yoga class.

Aries – the Cosmic Challenge – Mars stimulates action in your 7 house bringing challenges in relationships and public settings.  Be aware that his opposition to Uranus in your 1house tells you not to be willful and erratic or you will have problems.  Jupiter in the 4 suggests you need to keep the faith to feel secure through all the changing energies but don’t be too protective because Pluto in your 10 house of career can help you make needed changes in the area of career. Use your individuality, your sense of opportunity, your ability to cooperate with others and the potential of renewal to use these energies to make tremendous breakthroughs in your life.