Aries, the Sun Mercury and Jupiter are energizing your 5 as the month begins increasing your ability to enjoy all the pleasurable activities of life. This is a good time to go on a romantic date, take the kids to a ball game or just enjoy a picnic with friends. You delight in bringing your light to others but just be aware that not everyone loves you. Kindness and generosity will reward you with the same.

Aries – Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in your 5 on the 18th. Take every opportunity to enjoy the sensual and creative side of life, Use this time to express yourself creatively, and please enjoy the pleasures of life that come your way. Don’t be fooled by a romantic fantasy – if it hasn’t proven itself. Don’t overindulge in food and drink. Share your positive emotions not your weaknesses.

Aries – Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 25th in house 8 increases your desire to be involved with other people on a deep passionate level. You can invest in business that need s help or you could get rid of a business that’s failing. Make sure your passion does not scare others away. The conjunction to Saturn indicates that you must be very careful with joint finances so focus yourself on important issues and don’t take any short cuts in accounting. Listen to your deeper feelings for guidance but maintain emotional clarity.