Aries – (1) the month begins with the Sun and Mercury in Leo and your 5 house of pleasure in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius in your 11 house of associates. You may feel stifled and restricted by outside people or responsibilities. This is not a good time to be selfish or self-serving, you need to see the big picture. If you push for your own way you may insight a revolution against your vision of the world as the Sun and Mercury square Uranus. Control your actions, words & money.

Aries – (2) the second week begins with Venus opposition to Neptune from your 6 to 12 houses. This can be confusing energy as the need for dreaming romantic dreams clashes with the realities of your everyday life. If you are having trouble in romance or with creative projects take a pause to think things through. A nice Venus-Pluto trine will connect your 6 and 10 houses offering help through important business contacts. Take advantage of hidden information that comes to light.

Aries – (3) the third week is disrupted by Uranus going retrograde in your 2 house of money and resources. If you are having a money problem you may have to choose a new approach to the issue very carefully. Don’t try to ignore it and don’t take any shortcuts. This will be extremely important as the Sun will oppose Jupiter from your 5 to 11 th houses. You may think you can borrow from friends or take a gamble to solve issues but self-control yourself and using common sense wins.

Aries – (4) The fourth week features much easier energy as Venus in the 7 will trine Saturn in your 11 house. This combination brings the promise of some much-needed support from friends or business associates that can help you get back on track. A conservative approach will help with money issues. Mercury in the 6 house of daily routine will trine Pluto in the 10 house bringing good ideas and the ability to conquer difficult situations through a clear and precise course of action.