Aries – The month begins with Venus in the 7 th house Square to Pluto in the 10 th House and the Moon in the fifth. This sets up a dynamic T Square that can cause disagreements with partners over creative projects and personal preferences Use patience to iron out the details. You have extra energy to spare as the Sun conjuncts Mars in the 9 th house of ambition suggesting you focus your energy on your goals. If you have a good strategy and understand the rules of the game you are likely to be successful. Finally Saturn Squares Both the Sun and Mars from the 12 th House of limitations This is a warning not to be too sure of yourself. Take the time to review and repair any personal weaknesses.

Aries – week 2 shines under the New Moon in your 9 th house bringing a new cycle of ambition and understanding. You want to learn and grow for you can sense a new potential for expansion. Mercury goes retrograde on the 13 th in the 10 th house of career. He trines Jupiter in the 2 nd house of resources bringing news concerning money so watch your budget an opposition between Jupiter and Venus in the 8 th temps you to be extravagant and excessive which could set you back with business and intimate partners. A Saturn trine to Venus from the 12 th house may be your lucky star as his natural tendency is to conserve money and energy this will help stabilize your emotions.

Aries – The 3 week begins with the Sun in your 9 th house Squared to Neptune in the 12 th. The energy of the Sun inspires you to jump ahead to the future by following your ambitions. However, the square to Neptune in the 12 th suggests you may need to be extremely clear about what you can do and want to do before your imagination trips you up. Venus in the 8 th house Squares the Moon in the 11 th warning you to know what kind of support you can expect from others it may be less than you think and Mercury continues retrograde in the 10 th house suggesting you need to use logic and not rely on motions and dumb luck if you are to get ahead. Revisit your plans and make necessary adjustments.

Aries – The month ends with The Sun entering Capricorn and your 10 th house focusing on the traditions of the season and your desire to gain and enjoy any recognition you deserve for hard work. It may come your way now. You may also see a bonus or raise as the Sun trines Jupiter in the 2 nd house of money and resources bringing a sense of generosity and Venus 8 also trines Neptune 12 which makes everyone feel spiritually renewed. Make sure you take time to deepen your spiritual understanding of the process of giving, receiving and most of all loving. Mercury retrograde and Mars in the 9 th brings a note of caution if you are traveling. Many people are not as controlled as you are.