Aries – the month begins with a happy crescent Moon It connects your 1st & 11th houses. It’s a good time to connect with others on a personal level. You may receive all kinds of opportunities to be more active so make sure you accept invitations and attend group activities where you can network and shine. You can never tell when you’ll meet the next important person in your life.

Aries – Jupiter goes retrograde in your 5 house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. Love and romance may have been exciting and there has been plenty of opportunity for creative growth. Your tendency will be to keep on riding the wild stallion but you would do better to give it a rest. Now you must think about what you really want. Pleasure is fun in the short-term but love takes commitment.

Aries – Venus and Mars are traveling together in your 1 house bringing opportunities for pleasure and romance by expressing the warmth of your personality. The spotlight is shining on you so take advantage of any opportunities to express your ideas and meet new people. The best way to attract others is to have a sincere interest in what they are doing with their lives. The Secret Of Love is creating common ground.

Aries – the month ends with a spike of energy when Mars joins Uranus on the 26 in your first house. This can be a breakthrough opportunity if you can control your ego and limit reactions to impulsive feelings. Use the power of logic and physical exercise to help you focus your abundant energy. Make love not war. The opposition to Jupiter on the 27 in your 7 house warns you to keep the peace with partners and keep your public relations hat on straight.