Aries – The 1 week’s Full Moon in Leo 5 house makes romantic partners a bit emotional, This is a good time to be sensitive to their emotional needs. Spend more time with a loved one and less time out with friends. You may also want to complete creative projects at this time. Jupiter moves forward in your 1 h bringing a new sense of optimism and freedom to you. Take opportunities for self-expression but don’t be too independent. It’s also important that you control your ego a bit. No one likes a know it all.

Aries – The 2 week has Venus in the 12 th house reminding you to take time for meditation and quiet. This is a good time for healing any personal fears and limitations that have haunted you. She conjuncts Neptune on the 15 connecting the higher and lower love natures. If you have listened closely to your psychic and spiritual self you will know how to find more satisfaction in your life. As a bonus, this combination may bring a new romantic dream, more creativity, and a deeper sense of psychic awareness.

Aries – The 3 week asks you to take your inner feelings more seriously as the Sun will conjunct Saturn. This is the best time for a serious look at how you relate to other people and their values. Do you allow other people to set limitations on your dreams or do you allow your fears to hold you back in life? Figure it out and then make needed changes in your attitude towards life. The New Moon in Pisces on the 20 th asks you to take a spiritual break to recharge your batteries for a new cycle is about to begin.

Aries – The month ends with Venus joining the Moon and Jupiter in Aries and your first house bringing a new sense of independence and adventure to your life. You may have a new vision that you want to follow and you will be happy to tell everyone where you want to go and why they should follow you. Just remember not everyone is as confident as you are at this time so you may have to go it alone.