Aries – Your power card is the seven of wands and the power day for February is the 14 th. Venus, Mars, and Pluto are conjunct in your 11 house. The eleventh house puts a focus on friends, business associates and social groups. Venus and Mars represent creative and romantic energy. You may feel a spontaneous attraction to a friend or business associate or you may want to present your creative ideas to your favorite social group or humanitarian cause. However, with Pluto involved you have to be very careful. As the planet of jealousy, manipulation and mystery he suggests that all may not be as it seems. Before making any sexual or romantic advances make sure the people you’re dealing with have the same values and desires that you have. This will prevent any difficult situations and may lead to some positive life changing commitments.

Your power card is the seven of wands which suggests you may face some competition in business or personal life stand your ground with determination and your courage will bring success