Aries – Your power card is the Seven of Pentacles and the power day for January is the 20 th. the Sun conjuncts Pluto as he moves into Aquarius and activates your 11 house. This is an exciting energy that can have a powerful yet subtle ramification. It can give you a deep and penetrating psychic insights into what is going on in the world around. You may sense secret agendas by friends and business associates, if they are negative its time to drop them. It can also put you in the drivers seat when it comes to negotiating with powerful people who can help you reach important personal and social goals. You may have more influence than you imagine and speaking of imagination, use this powerful force to influence your friends to help you achieve your social and political goals. Make necessary changes to achieve success but remember to keep your actions above board or they may backfire on you.

Your power card is the seven of pentacles which represent a time of re evaluation. Pause, realize what you have achieved, and then know where you would like to go from here.