Aries – the month opens with a beautiful Venus and Jupiter sextile that connects your 4th house of foundations with your 6th house of daily routine You have a green light to improve your home and family situation. Your family is the foundation of your emotions and gives you the power to take on the world in your everyday life. They will help you feel more secure in your everyday routine so you can be more successful at work and enjoy a feeling of well-being.

Aries – The Sun and Mercury in your 4th house oppose Pluto in your 10 th house of career and social status. Inner conflict may hold you back especially if you feel family responsibilities and career obligations are butting against each other. The Venus Square to Uranus in your 1 house suggests you don’t get caught in a battle that you can’t win. Balance your obligations and you’ll control emotional challenges. That makes you more effective.

Aries – the conjunction of Mercury and Venus 5 will be helpful in romantic and creative situations. You have a wonderful way of expressing your gentle feelings and can win over anyone’s heart. So if you have a new love interest go on a romantic date. The trine to Saturn in your 9 suggests you take a practical approach to creative projects and romantic affairs. Make sure your creative ideas are workable and your romantic interests on the same wave length. This will put a little color and flair into your life.