Aries – The month begins with Venus Square Uranus under the light of a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn and the 10 th house of your chart. Be careful with career responsibilities and interacting with people in authority. Control your emotions. Venus in the 5 th turns on your pleasure principle and you may be more sensual than usual but the Square to Uranus in the 2 nd warns you to watch what you do with romantic encounters. Use your common sense and stay within accepted boundaries. This may be a helpful energy in creative projects. The week ends as the Moon Conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 12 th House. This is a sensitive energy that suggests you do some spiritual work.

Aries – week 2 begins as Mercury in the 4 th house opposes Pluto in the tenth warning you to watch what you say in career situations. You need to balance your energies between home and family responsibilities and career duties. Don’t push one against the other and watch what you say. Mars enters Virgo and your sixth house of daily routines giving you plenty of energy to tackle the details of work situations. You may want to start a new diet or health program. Be a Spartan.
The Moon will conjunct Uranus in your second house of resources. This puts a little extra emotional energy in the area of finances. You may want to make an investment in new technology, but don’t spend beyond your budget.

Aries – The 3 week begins Mercury Leo (5 th) Squares Jupiter in Taurus (2 nd). This is an energy that warns you against excess on many different levels. Not just with food and drink but also financial so please be careful with your pursuit of pleasure. The Sun trines Neptune in the 12 th house of limitations asking you too devote some time to your spiritual needs. This can help recharge your energy and sense of wellness. You may need this support because the week ends with a thud as Mars 6 Opposes Saturn 12 and the Sun 4 Opposes Pluto 10. Don’t put your energy in battles you can’t win for you will frustrate yourself. This will harm you ability to feel centered and may work against your career success

Aries – The month ends as Mars 6 begins to separate from Saturn 12 easing any tension and strife that was in the air (between your personal need for quiet and your heavy work responsibilities, take a break from the pressure.) There still will be excitement in the air as Mercury in the 5 house squares Uranus in the 2 nd. Be careful what you say to others in the heat of the moment for people may only hear what they want to hear. You should also take care with money and travel plans which may need to be adjusted. Lovely Venus may smooth out any communications glitches as she joins Mercury in your 5 th house. This will also help move along any romantic conversations.