Aries – Neptune transits your 12 house in Pisces the sign he rules, which gives him added strength. This will continue to increase your spiritual awareness, your psychic ability and your imagination. However, you must practice quiet and meditation to take advantage of his subtle energy. The conjunction to the sun can bring confusion or illumination into your life. Listen to your dreams and purge any hidden fears that you have. You can do this through spiritual practice or through psychological counseling and then you will be clearer about your life.

Aries – Jupiter continues his transit through your 7 house. Growth and expansion come from joining your energy and vision with like minded people. You are attracted to people who are independent and want to enjoy the world. The Powerful opposition to Uranus in your 1 house may bring an unexpected opportunity to express yourself in a radical new way. Be prepared for adventure but don’t be too wilful.

Aries – Mars enters your 2 of. This energy stimulates your ambition and drive for success especially in financial terms. If you have a good money making idea, this may be the time to put it into action. You’d love to run the show but you may come on too strong so cooperation is important. Impulse can override logic. Pay attention to details and don’t be extravagant.

Aries – the Saturn Moon conjunction falls in your 9 th house. This can be a constructive or depressing combination according to your nature. You have a natural ability to understand the ideas that connect people together. Beliefs can create a common bond or friction. Find a way to use your ideas to help you move ahead in the world. Use persistence, ambition and insight to formulate a balanced comprehensive plan that can sway the minds of others.