Aries – Your power card is the Moon and the power day for March is the 17th St Patrick’s Day. The Sun conjuncts Neptune and Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces and your 12 th house. This is the house of spirituality, large organizations, karma and self undoing. The conjunction of the Sun and Neptune is very powerful in the twelfth house which Neptune rules. This presents a great opportunity to illuminate and exorcize some of the hidden fears or inhibitions that may have held you back. This is a time of endings and a preparation for a new vision that will come to life. Follow your intuition and creative urges but maintain a positive belief in yourself. Venus conjunct Saturn warns you not to become depressed or ignore your values. You may need to put romance on hold for a while for there may be some unseen strings attached.

Your power card is the Moon. This is a highly intuitive card so listen closely to your intuition about people