Aries – the Taurus New Moon in your second house of money and personal resources may bring a bit more stability into your life and finances this month. You like to spend and you can think of all the excitement new things can bring into your life but earning money is more important than spending. You would be wise to work on some earning and saving ideas so you can gain a sense of financial security.

Aries – Mars, your ruling planet moves forward in your 7of partnership and coming before the public. His dynamic energy stimulates your interaction with people in business or personal affairs. If you had difficulty or misunderstandings during the past 3 months its time to revisit your plans. Negotiate to finesse business deals that are fair to all involved and take action to improve your personal relations. Its time to move ahead with courage and conviction.

Aries — You’ll love the sense of excitement as Venus joins Uranus in your 1 house. Normally Venus brings a sense of gentleness, charm and refinement as she transits the 1house making you a winner in social situations. Your personality can shine and you may be the center of attention. However when Uranus is with this loving planet you have to control your ego and willfulness. You may want to take advantage of unusual opportunities that come your way since your seeking new adventures. Remember, to remain open to others, realize that freedom is exciting – but willfulness can be destructive. Let friendliness be the spark of your personality .