Aries – (1) the month begins with the Sun Conjunct Uranus in your second house of money. If you over-extend yourself a Saturn Sun mid-week Square can bring a loss. Mercury and Venus will move into Gemini and your third house bringing learning, communications, and travel opportunities.
(2) the second week begins with a New Moon in your second house of resources. Jupiter enters Pisces and your 12 house of dreams. He is called the Guardian Angel here. Opportunities for success may be just around the corner
(3) the third week the Sun enters your third house of intellect. This is a good time to clarify your mind. Saturn goes retrograde in your 11 house. You must learn from your experiences. If a group is more interested in power than truth, leave them behind.
(4) The fourth week begins with a Full Moon that challenges you to understand other people’s beliefs. There is also a square to Neptune. To compound the issue Mercury goes retrograde in its own sign and your 3 house. This suggests you keep an eye on your day-to-day activities.