Aries – Venus and Mars are traveling together in your sixth house to open up the month. Use the first week to pay attention to details both in your personal and business life. Don’t get lazy when you should be busy so put the breaks on pleasure until your work is done. Once you have taken care of business you can turn to the more pleasurable aspects of life. The secret of love is living out a beautiful romantic story

Aries – the New Moon on Nov 11 falls in your 8 th house of rebirth. This is a complex and intense Moon that combines the power of Scorpio and the energy of the Sun and Mercury. Its time to dig deep into your emotional patterns to see how they have affected your thinking. You may have to discard old outworn reaction patterns but this is a good time to start a new. Integrate your intimate, sensual and psychic energies into a new and more powerful personality.

Aries – Venus transiting Libra, the sign she rules and your 7 of partners can help you make a great impression at public events. Your social instincts can help build new alliances on personal and professional levels. Romance can be exciting. However her opposition to disruptive Uranus 1 warns you to control your sense of individuality. This is the planet of unexpected events so you might get a lot of attention – just make sure its for the right reason

Aries – the Saturn Neptune Square is a challenge of divergent forces that pits reality against illusion. Saturn in your 9 requires a structured understanding of the world, you must believe what society tells you. Neptune in the 12 asks you to listen to the voice of your soul. You must be willing to follow your dreams to make them a reality. You must have faith and a vision.