Aries – Mercury Retrograde in 7th house warns you to pay close attention to what your partners are trying to say. It is easy for misunderstandings to rock the boat when a partner says one thing and you hear something entirely different. Do not assume that you’re right and they’re wrong so take time to iron out the details. Finding solutions is easier when there is good communications and understanding. The same holds true for dealing with the public. Keep it simple and clear.

Aries – the Lunar Eclipse in your 1 st housed conjunct Uranus suggests balance must be maintained or you may experience a conflict between your personal feelings and the feelings of others. You need to be extra sensitive and aware of how independent you’re acting and what your partners need from you. Looking at the world through a narrow lense will show you where you want to go but it may not win approval from the important people in your life. A good leader knows when to follow their own path and when to cooperate with others. Wisdom avoids conflict.

Aries – Venus in the 8 th house intensifies your sensual nature. You might find that you have the ability to join your resources with those of others for productive purpose and financial gain. You should also not allow the pleasure principle to blind your common sense. Stay away from jealousy and manipulation in romance.