Aries – The month begins with as beautiful Venus in your 8 house trines sensitive Neptune on the 1 st in your 12 house . It’s important that you give yourself and your family some quiet time. This is the perfect time heal past hurts, go on a spiritual quest or to put some romance back into your life. Listen to your dreams and intuition for important guidance.

Aries – a spike of energy occurs when Mars in the 10 squares Jupiter on the 5 th in your seventh house of partnerships. You enjoy sharing energy on an equal basis but you may have to take a backseat while your partner leads the way. Mercury’s square to Jupiter suggests that you will win more bees with honey than vinegar. Be gentle to keep partners on a positive and productive track.

Aries – a powerful square from the Sun on the 7 th in your seventh house of relationships to Pluto in your 10th house of career and social position. Relationships may be under some emotional pressure so be willing to listen to the needs of others. If you push your agenda too hard you may run into a wall. The Square to Pluto may bring big changes in the way you approach your purpose in the world.

Aries – Mars conjunct Pluto on the 19 th in your 10 asks you to focus your desire for success so your ambitions can pay off in a real goal. You must be willing to prove yourself by your own efforts. Rid yourself of outmoded attitudes and no power plays allowed. When Mars Squares Uranus on the 28 th in your 1 you will boldly move forward to live your truth but you must also allow others room for their beliefs. If you go to war, make sure you have the best weapons or forget it. Maintain your independence and dignity

Aries – Venus has been shining her light in your 9 enhancing your connection to different people and places. Romantic possibilities and an exotic vacation away from the crowd may be drifting through your mind. But her conjunction to Saturn on the 29 th reminds you that not everyone shares your ideas and beliefs. This can be a bit depressing but you will be better off taking a serious approach to life. A solid plan will help you get ahead.