Aries – The month begins with Mercury in the 6 th house of daily routine in opposition to Neptune in the 12 th house of limitations. You’ll have to listen very carefully too get to the truth especially in work related areas. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You may need to spend some time in quiet so you can evaluate your true feelings so you aren’t influenced by another person’s fantasy. Mercury in your 6 house of work and routines also trines Pluto in the 10 th house of career and status midweek. This energy may prove to be very helpful as Pluto tends to expose truth allowing you to make better decisions. You may receive a helpful communication from a person you trust.

Aries – week 2 begins with a big bump as Mars in the 7 th house of relationships squares Pluto in the 10 th house. This energy warns you to be careful when dealing with partners and managers. If you do not respect authority you may pay a heavy price. Another challenge may visit the end of the week as Venus in the 6 th of daily routines opposes Saturn in the 12 th house of limitations. Know your work is valuable and take time for healing. A trine from Mars (8) to Saturn (12) on the 13 th and a New Moon on the 14 th in 7 th may help smooth things out as common sense can be put into action.
Cooperation can help you conquer many different financial challenges and by starting a new plan of action.

Aries – The 3 week begins with a challenging Sun Mercury Conjunction in the 7 th house of relationships which is Squared to Pluto in the 10 th house of Career and Status. You must be very careful when negotiating deals with business or personal partners, Say what you mean and mean what you say. No manipulation or power plays allowed. the end of the week settles down as Venus in the 6 trines Jupiter in the second bringing a bit of hope or a new opportunity to make some money. then Saturn 12 trines Mercury in the eighth which can help bring a new ability to communicate between partners which may heal old hurt feelings or misunderstandings.

Aries – The month ends with as Saturn in the 12 house trines the Sun in the 8 th bringing a stabilizing energy through self reflection. This is a good time to deal with partners on financial and intimate issues. You are practical now. The energy peaks again as Mercury conjuncts Mars in the 8 th and both oppose Jupiter in the 2 nd house of resources. Please be careful not to have power struggles over money as passions are high and no one seems to want to cooperate. The month ends with unexpected energy as a full Moon and Venus 6 trine Uranus in the 2 nd. This may bring a new and unexpected financial opportunity This is a good time to look for investments in new technology.