Aries – Venus and Mars the cosmic lovers are moving together in your fifth house. You may feel you have the upper hand in love and romance but you should not to push too hard. Venus is retrograde and she can be less receptive to the aggressive actions of Mars. Use the combination of these two energies to carefully and you may open new possibilities in love and romance. Charm may be needed to create good vibrations and cooperation.

Aries – the solar eclipse on the 13 th is a powerful New Moon that effects your 6 th house of daily habits. It gives you the opportunity to make positive changes in your life patterns. Look at your habits and work routines, have they grown stale? If so make necessary adjustments. This energy can bring a new cycle of production and personal reward but you must be disciplined so you can handle new responsibilities that come your way. Its time to change your diet and start an exercise program.

Aries – Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 9 house for the next two years on September 18 th. Its time to get real about your beliefs and ambitions. You need to deepen your understanding of the world, your culture and the educational system that has formed your beliefs. If you want more influence in the future you need to review the lessons you’ve learned concerning your values. Are your personal ambitions in line with societies values or must you change them. Do so now for soon it will be time to put your ambition into concrete action so you can move ahead.