Aries – The month begins with some powerful cross currents of energy as 5 planets are retrograde and will be joined by Jupiter making a six pack. Jupiter in your 2 nd house of money warns you to watch your budget, don’t be a spendthrift. There may also be a general sense of confusion in the air, missed opportunities and a feeling that everything is going haywire. Be careful w/ communications, business deals, and wacky ideas as Mercury in your 6 th is one of the culprits. The good news is Venus will go direct in your 5 house of pleasure and Mars is direct in your 7 th house of relationships bringing positive energy into these important areas of life. Go slowly but go for the good times.

Aries – week 2 is a powerful time for reflection and repair as Mercury retrograde is distancing form the Sun in your sixth house. This is the house of health, work, and daily routines. Mercury retrograde in this area asks you to review your habit patterns and what might need to be changed. Whatever you identify as a problem may be adjusted so you can heal what needs to be healed and adjust any work difficulties that have you stymied or backed up at work. Take advantage of this opportunity for the New Moon in the 6 can bring new opportunities to be more productive and efficient at work. That may very well impress the boss and lead to a choice assignment or bonus.

Aries – The 3 week begins with a bang as Mercury goes direct in your 6 th house and Venus in the 5 th house Squares Jupiter in the 2 nd. Mercury direct will help you clear up any confusion work, health and daily routines. This energy will help any communications or technology problems. Venus in the 5 th will enhance your taste for romance and pleasure but the Square to Jupiter in the 2 nd house of money warns you There may be price to pay so watch your boundaries. An opposition between the Sun in the 6 th house and Neptune in the 12 th warns you to keep your secrets secret. Other people may not want to understand your hidden motivations and you may have to spend time alone.

Aries – The month ends with the Sun entering Libra and the 7 house of your chart energizing your relationships with others. You may be given an opportunity to stand out before the crowd. Remember to be cooperative. Venus in the 5 house of pleasure will Square Uranus in the 2 nd house. You must be very careful to watch your budget because there is a potential for willfulness. Control spending on fancy products. Mercury in the sixth house of work will trine Uranus in your second house. This is a good energy for communications and technology. If you need to upgrade your computer or buy new equipment to facilitate your job performance. This is a green light.