Venus Transit Capricorn All Month
Cancer – Venus shines her gentle light in your seventh house all month. This area rules your relationships and Venus is happy in this house even if a bit restrained in this sign. You might find real benefits come to you as you do your best to cooperate with your partners. You may feel loving and generous and if you share these feeling they will come back to you.  You may come before the public or to help your partner stand out.  Contracts may be signed during this transit.
Mercury Retrograde Square Saturn February 18 & 19
Cancer – Mercury goes retrograde into your eighth house of sensuality and the psychic. You must be careful what you do and say in intimate situations. The wrong words at the wrong time can hurt feelings.  A challenge from Saturn in the fifth house over the 18 & 19 warns you not to mix business with pleasure.  If you do, you may be begging for trouble.  Creative projects may have to be put on hold until your vision is clear.
Neptune is Pisces Conjunct the Sun February 23
Cancer – Neptune transits your 9th house in Pisces, the sign he rules.  This energy will help you gain intuitive insight to any philosophical, religious or abstract principles. That have attracted your interest.  There are many different cultural ideas and truths in the world.  The conjunction to the Sun on the 23 rd can bring confusion or illumination in spiritual or abstract teachings.  You must be able to discern between truth and deception.



Mars transits Virgo and your 3 rd house through July 4 2012 and he is retrograde until April 14, 2012. He is an aggressive and energetic factor. Keep your mind focused and your actions organized you must be efficient and not flighty watch what you write and where you are going. Jupiter moves through Taurus and your 11th house till June. You may be very popular so look for opportunities to advance through friendships. Some dreams might come true so know what will make you truly happy? When Jupiter moves into your 12th house and Gemini in June it’s time to quiet things down and go deep inside. There is a wealth of spiritual information just waiting for you to find. Listen to the quiet. Saturn transiting through your 4 th asks, have you deepened your feelings about you home, family and heritage. Do they give you a sense of security and belonging? They should give you the strength to take on the world. Conquer your inner fears. Neptune transiting your 9 the house can bring insight into the belief systems of the world and how they effect society. learn more through travel and experience. Make sure you open your consciousness to the spiritual but do not be misled.

Uranus – Pluto Challenge 2012

The fireworks are here Cancer as Uranus in your 10 th house can rock your professional world. You want to succeed but you must not be too willful. Use new technology and your individual talents may help you achieve recognition. Pluto transiting the 7 th house pushes you to fundamentally change the essence of your participation in personal and business relationships. You must create balance and harmony and live within the letter of the law. The conflict you must manage question becomes how you have used your relationships. What have you given or taken and how has this improved your place in the world. People may come and go.