Cancer Mercury is retrograde 1/5 – 1/25 & 12/19 – end of year in 7 there’s a lot of confusion in the air. listen to your partners but check facts before making a decision. 4/28 – 5/22 in 11 groups of people may be working at odds with one another so know exactly what to do. 8/30 – 9/22 in 3 know communications and travel can be delayed.

Cancer – Venus – smiles on you from 3/13 – 4/6 when your sensitivity to others is increased and you feel romantic. she brings opportunities for love and pleasure in your sign 6/18 – 7/13 bring your emotional depth to the ones you love the most by showing how much you care. From 9/24 – 10/19 she lights the fire of passion so do some candles and wine.

Cancer – Mars begins the year in your 5 house increasing your interest in pleasure and romance. He enters your 6 house and focuses your energy on work projects and health routines. Move with care from 4/17 – 5/29 when he retrogrades. The pace quickens from June till the end of the year when partners are more independent and sensual.

Cancer – Jupiter starts the year retrograde in Virgo and your 3 house it’s a good time to reassess plans for a trip as some scheduling problems may occur. The same goes for communications check twice before you make a mistake with important details. He moves into Libra and your 4 house on September 9 bringing a growth in awareness. You feel more secure and ready to make important personal changes. Express your sensitivity and caring.

Cancer – Saturn transits Sagittarius and your 6. You are improving your personal habit patterns so you can be more focused and productive. Your talents are developing and you have learned the importance of using your energy with efficiency and purpose. His year long dance with Neptune 9 will be exact in June and September giving you the opportunity to visualize a new and higher purpose for your actions. You will align your personal ambitions with the rules of growth and success in society. Saturn gives form and structure, Neptune imagination and faith.

Cancer – the Uranus – Pluto Square has instigated crisis in the world and change in our lives. But now the intensity is weakening allowing positive change. Uranus has given you the opportunity to find your genius and develop your talents by breaking through limited career potentials. Now use the power of Pluto to connect with partners and the public with a deeper sense of confidence.