Cancer – Jupiter moves direct in your 2 house till 8/11 bringing a new wave of energy that lifts obstacles and can bring opportunities for personal growth and financial reward. You may thank your lucky stars as you invest in yourself and your talents. This can lead to real growth and the ability to expand your personal power. Wise investments go beyond a lucky break. Education and travel teach lessons that become invaluable future assets.

Cancer – Pluto Retrograde in the 7 th house of partners compels you to examine your relationships to make sure they are built on honesty and respect. Dishonest business practices will backfire and manipulation will create enemies. Keep your personal and public activities above board. By supporting others you also gain the support you need for success. You must take public and professional activities seriously.

Cancer – Mercury joins Mars in your11th house of associations. You may feel you have the perfect idea to better the world so get involved with like minded people and humanitarian groups. Be willing to share your ideas and creative energy and you may be given a leadership role. Make sure everyone has the same goals. Cooperation brings success, self interest failure.