Cancer – The month begins with a powerful Mercury Pluto Square from your 11 th to the eighth house. It is important that you realize you need to be selective when you share energy and money with others. You need to protect your resources since there may be people who are trying to manipulate your generosity. You may think you’re helping society but make sure you’re on the same page as the organizations you support. A sextile from Saturn to Mercury will help you maintain common sense. The full Moon falls in your fourth house of foundations. you need a balance between career and family duties. Do not allow your career responsibilities to disrupt family plans. You must share your energy wisely

Cancer – week 2 opens with Venus sextile Neptune and Mercury sextile Mars. Since Venus and Mercury are in your 11 th house of associates it is important for you to keep lines of communication open with your friends and business partners. Shared values and networking with the right people at the right time can bring favorable results for social success. The Venus trine to Pluto will show you the importance of following your intuition when dealing with groups of people. Jupiter conjunct the Sun in your 10 th house can bring new opportunities in your career. If you have ever wanted to stand out and lead the crowd this may be the time to do it. Just remember to keep one foot on the ground.

Cancer – The 3 week begins with a powerful Sun-Pluto Square that connects your 11 th and 8 th houses. This presents you with an important dilemma that demands your attention. You may be faced with a challenge to understand how you need to cooperate with others to be a success. Standing alone can limit your ability to achieve your goals. Networking with the right people at the right time can open doors that will help you be more successful. Avoid unnecessary power struggles. A New Moon in your 10 th house will bring opportunities that can set you off in a new direction. Use your insight and emotional fortitude to reset your compass if necessary. Have faith in your abilities.

Cancer – 4 The month ends with some very nice energy as the Sun in your 11th house sextiles Saturn in the 9 th bringing stability in networking situations. Take some time to network with friends and associates who can help you get ahead. Mars in your 1 st house of personality will sextile Uranus in your 11 th house of associates This brings new energy to the way you understand your social instincts and group involvements. Beautiful Venus will conjunct the Moon in your 12 th house. Take advantage of this fleeting energy by spending time alone. This is a good time to overcome any hidden emotional fears that are limiting you. Just remember to treat yourself with some gentle kindness.