Cancer, the Sun Mercury and Jupiter are energizing your 2 as the month begins increasing your potential of making and spending money. This is a time for wise investments and perhaps a small gamble on a quality investment. Listen to your intuition but not your greed as clarity of mind will guide you better than fear. Remember one of the best investments you can make is to improve your talents.

Cancer – Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in your 2 on the 18th. Collect any money that is due you. Use the power of attraction to bring nice gifts and attention. And express affection to those you love. Don’t overindulge on heavy foods and watch your waist line. Luck is with you but don’t take foolish gambles. Overconfidence destroys opportunities while focus brings personal rewards.

Cancer – Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 25th in house 5 your impulses may be a bit wild as your sensuality and romantic needs are increased. The God of War likes to take what he wants and rarely worries about the consequences. The conjunction to Saturn suggests that an aggressive pursuit of pleasure is likely to lead to trouble. Know exactly what you want and focus on a constructive approach to getting it or frustration will abound. This goes for creative projects as well as children’s issues. Gambling lead to losses.