Cancer – a sense of optimism opens the month as the Sun, Mercury and Venus transit fiery Sagittarius giving you the opportunity to lift your spirit. Your sixth house is activated so you may have extra energy to finish up an important work project. Make sure you don’t forget some of the details since the big picture looks so exciting. A change in your daily routines and diet may bring a new glow to your personality. This can bring new opportunities as a good attitude attracts success.

Cancer – Jupiter goes retrograde in your 2 house. Take time to re-evaluate what you’ve been doing for the past few months. Money has been flowing but has it been flowing in the right direction? You are known for holding onto resources and this is an excellent time to stop the flow if its going the wrong way. What do you truly value. Material things will never quench the heart so develop a sense of loving kindness.

Cancer -After Jupiter slowed things down earlier in the month, Uranus goes direct in your 10 renewing holiday excitement. You can see future potential all around you and your ambition is running on high. You want to break away from static situations and the status quo because safety and boredom are holding you down. There are plenty of creative challenges that would bring excitement to your life so use intuition as your guide.