Cancer – The first 10 days of the month are full of excitement as Mars energizes Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Mars trines Jupiter from the 8 of rebirth to the 4 of emotional foundations on the first bringing a note of optimism to the holiday season. You have the opportunity to renew your energy and increase your magnetic personality. This will make you feel like you can take on the world. Mars sextiles Saturn in your 6 on the 3rd. Use the focus of Saturn and the energy of Mars to complete difficult tasks. You’ll be amazed how much you get done when you put your mind to it. When Mars sextiles Uranus on the sixth in your 10 you need to listen to the subtle impressions that are coming your way. They give you a special power that can be used to climb the ladder of success.

Cancer-Sun Conjunct Saturn in 6 – Your sixth house of work, health and personal adjustments receives a wake up call to slow down or you may hit a wall. This is an important time keep focused on work. You may gain some recognition. Take care of your health, discipline your energy and decide what you want to achieve. Put your nose to the grindstone, you may come out smelling like a rose.

Cancer -Mercury RX in 7th House just before the holidays warns you to pay close attention to what your partner is saying. Misunderstandings can rock the boat so do not assume that you’re right and they’re wrong. Take time to iron out the details. Solutions are easier when there are good communications and understanding. Keep conversations simple and clear.

Cancer – Christmas Day begins with a beautiful Venus Jupiter Trine to your 4 house. You have a green light to enjoy your home and family to the fullest. Bring them all the rewards and comforts that they deserve. Venus then sextiles Saturn in your 6 house making it a bit easier to push back from the table before you overindulge yourself. Venus also sextiles Uranus in your 10 house bringing sparkle and excitement to your personal status. Rewards may come from a job well done.