Cancer – (1) the month begins with a powerful and contradictory New Moon conjunct Saturn in your 8 th house of shared energy. The New Moon is outgoing and full of spontaneous energy. But the conjunction with Saturn challenges you to slow down so you can make clear and logical decisions with personal and financial issues. Don’t make emotional mistakes. Mercury goes direct and clarifies what you want to say to partners or when dealing with the public. You may be able to move ahead in contract negotiations and legal matters.

Cancer – (2) the second week begins with Mars trine Uranus. This is a positive and energizing aspect that connects your 7 th house of partners and 11 th house of associates. This can bring you opportunities to incorporate new ideas or technology into business situations. Some people may be a bit eccentric so choose your associates wisely. The conjunction of Mercury and Pluto in the seventh suggests you may have to have a heart-to-heart talk with a partner or associate. If you feel things need to deepen you must say so gently.

Cancer – (3) the third week begins as Venus conjuncts Mars in your 7 th house of relationships this can bring an opportunity to put your values and actions to work to improve an existing relationship or start a new one. It is important that you seek someone who shares the same values and vision as you do. This will help build a natural harmony between you. The Full Moon on the 16 th brings a need to make financial and emotional adjustments so there will not be any personal misunderstandings

Cancer- (4) the fourth week has Venus and Mars in your seventh house of relationships sextile Neptune in your 9 th house. This is a gentle and creative energy that can broaden your mind and understanding. You will be able to use your creativity to enhance your relationships or shine before others. Put your best foot forward. Pluto and the Moon will join with the energy of Venus and Mars allowing you to deepen your ability to influence others. You must not take undue advantage in business or you may pay a steep price later on.