Cancer – Your power card is Two of Cups and the power day for February is the 14 th. Venus, Mars, and Pluto are conjunct in your 8 th house. This energy puts a focus on Joint finances, rebirth and sensuality. Venus and Mars represent creative and romantic energy. You may feel a sensual attraction to your partner or you may feel a new intuitive connection. However, with Pluto involved you have to be very careful that you share the same feelings. As the planet of jealousy, manipulation and mystery he suggests you must be straight forward in your motives especially when it comes to intimacy. You need to give the same as you would like to receive. You should also make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to money and investments. Be aware of the other persons needs and feelings and this can be a passionate time brining a new depth to your relationship.

Your power card is the Two of Cups which represents you are able to cooperate with others in a business, financial or romantic situation. Its time to share and enjoy success.