Cancer – Your power card is the Five of Wands and the power day for January is the 20 th. the Sun conjuncts Pluto as he moves into Aquarius and activates your 8 th house. This is an exciting energy that can have a powerful yet subtle affect. It can give you a deep psychic understanding into what you have given and what you have received from your most important relationships. If there is an imbalance, conditions may need to be improved. This is an energy that suggests the death of attitudes that are no longer productive so a new approach can begin. If you feel left out or that something is missing in your relationship than you may have to allow it to die out so something better can begin. This can be a highly productive time when a deeper sense of meaning can motivate the time and energy you spend with others with a new purpose. You may be able to connect with others on a new and deeper level. This is also an important time to understand the investment you have made with other people and what they have brought you.

Your power card is the five of wands which represent a time of competition. Practice your ability to be competitive, develop a strategy and set your goals for success.