Cancer – the beginning the month is influenced by the energy of the Cancer New Moon in your 1 house. It’s not always easy for you to express your emotions outwardly but now you might be wearing your heart on your sleeve. Please remember that people would rather remember you for your sensitivity and caring rather than your tears. Be happy and don’t worry.

Cancer – Jupiter enters Leo and your 2 house on July 17. Jupiter is the king of the gods and Leo in the sign of the king or queen so this can be the beginning of a twelve year cycle of expansion.
Its time to make some money and put it in the bank. You should find a umber of opportunities
for financial growth but remember there will also be opportunities for foolish extravagance. The wisest move is to invest in developing your talents and abilities.

Cancer – Saturn moves direct in Scorpio and your 5 house which can bring some constructive changes as you focus on personal expression, romance and your involvement with children. You may experience a lot of frustration in these areas if you have not discovered what brings you joy. You must change and move toward more rewarding experiences. If you have found what makes you happy you must listen to the song in your heart.