Cancer – (1) the month begins with Mars in Leo and your 2 house of resources in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius in your 8 house of shared energy. This is not a good time to push for your own way. You must consider the needs of others or face opposition in financial and intimate affairs. Venus will also oppose Saturn from the 2 to 8 house requiring you to change your attitudes about money and shared responsibilities.

Cancer – (2) the second week begins with a conjunction of Venus and Mars in the 2 house of resources as the lovers come together. This is much nicer energy than last week as opportunities for acquiring money or profits from business will keep you smiling. This is followed by a beautiful Sun Neptune trine that connects your 1 and 9 houses. You may plan a long-distance trip that opens a new world of wonder and understanding.

Cancer – (3) the third week is energized by Mercury in Cancer and the 1 house sextile Uranus in Taurus and the 11 House. This is happy energy that connects friends in mutually exciting adventures. Get out and see the wonders of the new world. A Venus Jupiter opposition connects your 3 and 9 houses cautioning you against excess. If you take on too much or splurge too much you may have to pay the proverbial piper.

Cancer – (4) The fourth week features Mercury in the 1 house opposite Pluto in the 7 house. Understanding is strained if harsh words are not controlled. Cooperation can only occur when good communications are the foundation of a relationship. Jupiter enters Aquarius 8 house and opposes Mars in Leo and the 2 house. This energy warns you to control your spending and watch your budget. Don’t get in over your head in business.