Cancer – (1) the month begins with Mars in the 10th h of career square Pluto in the 7 house of partners & legal issues. This powerful energy warns you to be careful when dealing with partners and contracts. no power plays. Mercury in your 12 h of limitations squares Neptune in your 9 house of understanding. this energy brings confusion so make sure you are thinking and acting logically. Mars enters your 11th house of associates increasing your need to be socially active. Mercury moves into cancer which can facilitate travel and communications. have a good time

Cancer – (2) the second week is exciting as the Sun and Mercury sextile Uranus in 11 binging opportunities to use your talents and ideas to influence your associates. Venus trine Saturn in your 8 house may bring money ideas from close friends or partners. Listen to wise counsel. Just be a bit careful at the end of the week when the emotional full moon pits personal activities against the desires of your partners. Venus in the 12 house Squares Neptune in the 9 house of ambition. This can bring a state of confusion to your future goals so don’t be guided by fear.

Cancer – (3) the third week begins with the Sun 4 trine Neptune in the 12 house. This is a gentle energy that promises an increase in spiritual awareness and creative expression. Take some time to develop your imagination and listen to your dreams. The middle of the week becomes more challenging as the Sun and Mercury in the 4 house oppose Pluto in the 10 th house. This may put you at odds between your family duties and career responsibilities. Beware power plays in your career unless you have the biggest stick. Think before you speak

Cancer – (4) The fourth week is a week of challenge. Venus in the 1 squares Jupiter in the 10 t house warning against extravagant career plans. Mercury in the 2 house square both Mars and Uranus warning against aggressive and willful action in your social involvements. Jupiter turns retrograde in your 10 t house joining the New Moon energy again suggesting you curb professional extravagance. Review your approach to ambitious goals. Mercury opposes Saturn to end the month on a serious note suggesting you regulate the energy and money you give to others