Cancer – The month begins with Venus Square Uranus under the light of a Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn and the 7 th house of your chart. This house deals with partners and relationships and there is a lot of emotion floating in the air. Be careful not to be too willful independent or ego driven. Venus in the 2 nd turns on your physical desires as well as your need for the finer things in life. The Square to Uranus in the 11 th warns you not to mix money and friendships. Be sure the people you’re dealing with share the same values as you do. The week ends as the Moon Conjuncts Saturn in Pisces and your 9 th House. This is a sobering energy that will help common sense prevail over emotionalism.

Cancer – week 2 begins as Mercury in the 1 st house opposes Pluto in the 8 warning you to watch what you say in intimate situations. Don’t make promises you can’t keep in the heat of the moment. You should also use extra care in investments
It kay be a good time to change your long term strategy. Mars enters Virgo and your 3 rd house of intellect bringing a lot of new ideas but also a streak of criticism. It’s important to take a practical approach to communicating your ideas. Its also wise to watch your nerves and patience. The Moon will conjunct Uranus in your 11 th house of associates. This is an erratic and exciting energy that could bring new opportunities into your life. Learn how to network

Cancer – The 3 week begins as Mercury Leo (2) Squares Jupiter in Taurus (11). You may have to deal with some difficult or stubborn people who have different ideas about money and how to use it than you do. If you disagree with their values it may be time to break away and follow your own path. The Sun trines Neptune in the 9 th house which can bring inspiration and a broader view so you can see new possibilities for success in the future. Be careful for the week ends with a thud as Mars 3 Opposes Saturn 9 this portends frustrating situations and the Sun 1 Opposes Pluto 7 which suggests a falling out with partners or power struggles. Use your wisdom and patience to move through this challenging time.

Cancer – 4 The month ends as Mars 3 separates from Saturn 9 easing any tension and strife that was in the air (between your personal ideas and the beliefs of others. It’s a good time to take a break from the pressure.) There still will be excitement in the air as Mercury in the 2 house squares Uranus in the 11 th bringing new business opportunities through networking. You may have to watch your resources as money can flow through your fingers. Lovely Venus may smooth out any communications glitches as she joins Mercury in your 2 nd house You may actually hear some good news that can lead to money making ideas and the possibility of a new investment in technology.