Cancer – The month begins with a disruptive Moon Uranus conjunction in your 10 th house It can bring new opportunities and unexpected changes in your career. Unconventional methods may display your genius to the world. Using the latest technology can enhance your talents. Don’t be too dramatic. A number of challenging aspects form a loose cosmic cross on the 3rd and 4 th which may bring things back down to earth with a thud and teach you the truth of self control. You may need to repair any bruised egos.

Cancer – Mars retrograde in your 5 house suggests you re evaluate your passion for life and understand what you hold dear. If you’ve been pursuing negative pleasures its time to clean up your act. Be aware that his opposition to Mercury in your 11 house warns you to speak softly and listen carefully to others. Don’t start a war of words that you can’t win.

Cancer – Mercury in the 12 house opposes Saturn in the 6. They are joined in a mystical dance with Neptune in your 9. This is a powerful T Square that is intensified by the full Moon on the 20 th. You need to be aware of your fears and how they effect your personal habit patterns. Focus on developing effective and simple techniques that work. You’ll be more productive. Neptune’s spiritual influence suggests that you aim your ambitions at a higher purpose. Imagination and hard work will lead to growth and success.

Cancer – a gentle combination of energy fills the air as Venus in your 1 house trines spiritual Neptune in your 9 house. People and places at a distance are calling to you and travel may hold a favorable glow. You may fall in love with a foreigner, or to broaden your understanding. Look to the future for you may be seeing a prophetic vision of what is to come.