Cancer – Pluto continues to bring powerful changes to your seventh house of partners. A beautiful trine from Venus as the month begins in the 11 house brings opportunities for fun. Uranus 11 is in his power zone which may bring you connections to exciting new people. The Sextile from Mercury on the 7 in your first may open your personality and bring spontaneity. Mars 1 brings extra energy to your need for adventure. his trine to Neptune on the 14 th in the 9 brings into focus what you believe and why. On the 19 th Mercury in your 1st house opposes Pluto in your 7of relationships. Be aware relationships may be under emotional pressure. Pluto’s opposition to Mars intensifies your relationships on a business and personal level. You may be able to deepen your bonds. Venus transiting on the 24 th in your 12 brings her sense of enjoyment to your inner nature. her square to Neptune in the 9 suggests you need to be wise when dealing with people you don’t know.