Cancer – the new Moon falls in your 9 th house of higher mind and understanding.  There are different types of knowledge.  Some based on science and some based on intuition and experience.  Follow your intuition but do not be swayed by overly emotional people.

Saturn Retrogade
Cancer – You must learn from your romantic adventures.  Have you been lucky in love or have you experienced disappointment.  Love and pleasure should bring joy and warmth into your life if it hasn’t you must chart a new course.   The same goes for creative expression, if you are frustrated you must start thinking out of the box.

Mars Retrograde
Cancer – reevaluate the action you have taken to build a deep sense of security in your life.  Family and emotional issues may need some extra attention so take care of any problems at home, be they personal or practical.  This is a great time for counseling, therapy and healing emotional issues.