Cancer – Mercury begins the month retrograde in your 11th House suggests that other people may not have the same goals and beliefs that you do. You may love being the center of attention but don’t get there by being foolish or too dogmatic. Be wise before you leap into new situations. Only give your heart and energy, when goals are clearly defined. Mercury’s direct motion on the 22 nd will help eliminate any misunderstanding and bring a new sense of direction to humanitarian and corporate efforts.

Cancer – Jupiter moves direct in your 3 house of the mind bringing a new wave of mental energy and curiosity. Take the time to improve your mind. You may thank your lucky stars as you assimilate new ideas and concepts and grow your mind. You’ll be able to communicate your ideas effectively. Combine selling, travel and study and impress your friends. Remember to focus on what is most important you’ll find greater success.

Cancer – the Full Moon falls in your 6 th house of daily routines. slow down and adjust to the fluctuating currents that are around you. Confusion is in the air. Work responsibilities may change and you may have to put the finishing touches on an important project. This is a good time to look at yourself and your routines to see how you can improve your energy and health.

Cancer –Venus is in the 12 house inspires you to spend some time alone. Make sure you keep your actions and thoughts above board. No secret romances or pleasures allowed. Heal yourself
Her opposition to Mars in the 6 house warns you not to forget that there is work to be done. You must maintain a sense of reality and be efficient in your work. You may be dreaming of tomorrow and forget about today. No one is perfect but a little effort maintains high standards.