Cancer – Neptune in your 9th house opens opportunities to advance your understanding of the workings of the mind. You may realize the power of belief supercedes the power of logic. You must follow your ideas because they may be inspired by spirit. However you must be careful not to be fooled by promises that are made to manipulate. Truth will always be simple. The Sun’s trine to Neptune in the 5 brings a gentle wow factor into your love life. You may feel that love has brought you to a new level of pleasure.

Cancer Uranus 10 th has brought challenge and change to your career or social position. Static and boring situations must be replaced with creative positions where you can express your visionary talents. A beautiful trine from Venus in the 6 house inspires a sense of creativity in your work. You may be able to enhance your work conditions or create more social interaction Find a new outlet where your genius and intuition can thrive.

Cancer – Mars moves into in your 8 stimulating your intuition and sensuality so listen carefully to your feelings about other people. Business or financial deals may come to a good conclusion at this time. Just remember to negotiate fairly and check the details. This is a good time to purge yourself of bad habits. control and purify your desires and you’ll feel a sense of renewal.

Cancer – The Mercury Saturn conjunction 6 warns you to take care with details at work. You may think you know what a boss or client expects but you better check directions twice. You don’t want to do a lot of work and then have to fix it later. Examine any changes you want to make to improve your own sense of effectiveness as a person. You want to be efficient and productive but old habit patterns or fears could block you.

Cancer – A powerful conjunction of Venus and Pluto in your 7 intensifies the need to share a special business or personal relationships. You may connect with powerful people and this will make you feel more powerful as well. Just remember that there is a dark side to power which can be destructive. The square from Jupiter in your 4 house is excessive & warns you to balance your personal and public responsibilities. Remember your family is your foundation so don’t allow aggressiveness to create conflicts.