Cancer – The month begins with as beautiful Venus in your 5 house trines sensitive Neptune on the 1 st in your 9 house . People and places at a distance are calling to you and travel may hold a favorable glow. You may fall in love with a foreigner, or broaden your understanding. Look to the future for you may have a prophetic vision of what is to come.

Cancer – a spike of energy occurs when Mars in the 7 squares Jupiter on the 5 th in your fourth house of foundations. Excess or willfulness can cause problems with family members or with home repairs. Mercury’s square to Jupiter suggests the best thing to do is to keep your cool and rely on the power of logic to guide you. Fix what needs to be repaired or hire an expert to do it for you.

Cancer — a powerful square from the Sun on the 7 th in your fourth house of emotional foundations to Pluto in your seventh house of relationships. There may be some friction at home if you’re too busy in the outer world. Don’t put all your energy into success while forgetting the family. The Square to Pluto can intensify both business and personal relationships. Understanding leads to cooperation.

Cancer – Mars conjunct Pluto on the 19 th in your 7 intensifies your relationships. You have the focus and goals to get what you want. If you need to meet new people now is the time to do it. Remember, manipulation and dishonest may backfire. When Mars Squares Uranus on the 28 th in your 10 unpredictable changes may occur in your career or social position. Take on challenges but don’t be willful. Use new techniques and technology to help you. Success may come or go suddenly.

Cancer – Venus has been shining her light in your 6 enhancing your everyday activities. Use this energy to improve conditions at work so harmony can prevail. You may be tempted to take time off. But her conjunction to Saturn on the 29 th reminds you that work is serious business and has its everyday demands. Take some time to regenerate your energy but duty is calling. You must balance your personal needs with material duties.