Cancer – The month begins with Mercury in the 3 th house of intellect in opposition to Neptune in the 9 th house of ambition. Neptune can be a tricky energy for he is prone to illusions and fantasy. Mercury works best when you are more clear and lucid. You may want to follow your Neptunian dreams but not have practical use. Listen carefully to what others are saying for they may be making promises they can’t keep. The proof is in the pudding. Mercury in your 3 house of intellect will also trine Pluto in the 7 th house of relationships midweek. Pluto tends to expose truth allowing you to make better decisions and in this case a partner may give you some valuable advice about your ideas.

Cancer – week 2 begins with a big bump as Mars in the 4 th house of foundations squares Pluto in the 7 th house of relationships. This energy warns you to be careful when dealing with family and business relationships. Make sure you are not being too aggressive. Another challenge may visit the end of the week as Venus in the 3 rd of intellect opposes Saturn in the 9 th house of ambition. This calls for respect of other peoples ideas and future plans. A trine from Mars (5) to Saturn (9) on the 13 th and a New Moon on the 14 th in 4 th may help smooth things out as common sense can be put into action. Use this energy to as a new creative approach that makes you feel more secure and centered.

Cancer – The 3 week begins with a challenging Sun Mercury Conjunction in the 4 th house of foundations which is Squared to Pluto in the 7 th house of relationships. You must be very careful when expressing your feelings in business and personal relationships. You may expose a sense of insecurity that could be used against you. You would be better to keep your feelings and fears to yourself. the end of the week settles down as Venus in the 3 trines Jupiter in the 11 th. This could bring happy news through networking with friends and business associates. Be optimistic. then Saturn 9 trines Mercury in the 5 th making your ambitions for the future seem more realistic.

Cancer – 4 The month ends as Saturn in the 9 house trines the Sun in the 5 th bringing a stabilizing energy through your creative expression. This can be an important time for your personal ambitions. You need to structure your ideas through practical application. The energy peaks again as Mercury conjuncts Mars in the 5 th and both oppose Jupiter in the 11 house of associates. You must listen to the ideas of others but you do not have to follow them blindly. Use your common sense. The month ends with unexpected energy as a full Moon and Venus 3 trine Uranus in the 11 may bring a new opportunity to understand your participation with new associates and how it can lead to success.