Cancer – Venus transiting the sign Virgo and your 3 house is great for talking and sharing new ideas to your friends. Don’t waste this time staying home, travel around the neighborhood you may meet some new friends. This is a good time to think about all those ideas that are going through your head and seeing which ones are most fruitful. Your words and voice may carry grace and caring.

Cancer – Mars is transiting your 6 of health, work and daily activities. Its time to approach your work with a sense of purpose. If you have lost ground over the past few months, make up for it now as your energy kicks into high gear. New responsibilities are handled with a cool head and steady hand helping you stand out in the crowd. Watch your diet and start a new exercise routine calming your nerves and improving your health.

Cancer – Pluto – A deep slow revolution is happening in your seventh house – You may have to change your focus to the needs of your relationships. There are powerful under currents of change which may be disturbing the status quo and you must be aware of any adjustments that must be made heal, improve or end a relationships. If someone is on a power trip, stay away from them. Manipulation or dishonestly is unacceptable and if you see injustice in the world, try to fix it