Cancer– the month begins with a New Moon solar eclipse in your 3 rd house of. This energy stimulates a need for organization and attention to detail so don’t go running around at the drop of a hat. There’s too much work to be done and too little time to handle it all. Make sure electronic equipment is running and in top shape so you have one less thing to worry about. Some great new ideas may come your way. Try to share them in a clear and logical manner.

Cancer – Jupiter moves into Libra the sign of justice and public relations and your 4 house of. You may seek comfort in your castle but find busyness instead. There are chores to be done and visitors to entertain so get hopping. You could buy or sell a house or move because of a new opportunity. Just remember to get some quiet time because you are renewing you sense of self.

Cancer – the final Saturn Neptune Square connects your 6 house of daily routines to your 9 house of higher understanding. You can use this challenge to blend the power of illusion to create a new structure in your reality. Saturn in your 6 demands disciplined work and structured habit patterns. You must be productive. But Neptune in the 9 opens your mind to a world full of creativity and promise. You must open yourself to the visionary side of life but you must be ambitious to make your dreams a reality.

Cancer Retrograde Mercury trines retrograde Pluto on 9/20 fooling you into thinking you have all the answers. Think again and take time to carefully review travel plans and written communications. You’ll be happy you did after the 22 when communications and travel plans fall into place. No one wants to disagree and we all hate to hear the words are we there yet.