The new moon colors the month with vibrant energy.  Venus and Neptune opens the door for lovers to embrace and the cosmic challenge stimulates action and tension in our lives.

Capricorn – A new moon in your fourth house of home and security brings a need for adjustment at home.  Don’t allow petty problems disrupt the peace and quiet you need at home.  Remember  to keep your cool and allow logic to be your guide.  This is a good time to start home repairs. A huge energy shift occurs towards the end of the month so check out the Cosmic Challenge.

Capricorn – The Conjunction of Venus and Neptune is in Pisces and your 3 rd house is illuminated by this energy which can bring a new sensitivity to your mind.  You may pick up on subtle nuances of meaning that you missed before because your psychic abilities are open for business. Make sure you say what you mean and mean what you say for your imagination is working overtime and you may make promises you can’t keep.  You may find love in the library or on a short trip.

Capricorn – the Cosmic Challenge – Mars stimulates action in your 10 house warning you to re- evaluate your actions as you move toward success.  Be aware his opposition to Uranus in your 4 house warns you that willfulness can undermine the recognition you seek to achieve in the world.  Jupiter in the 7 house suggests that cooperation and working with others can bring you greater rewards.  Pluto 1 house suggests you may need to purge yourself of excessive ego.  Focus on important goals without alienating the people you need to succeed.  Understanding and compassion will win you great rewards as you learn the key to success is unselfish service.