Capricorn, the Sun Mercury and Jupiter are energizing your 8 as the month begins increasing your ability to profit through cooperation in business and financial affairs. Keep your eyes on potential sources of income but only make wise investments. You want to deal with people who you can trust. There is great potential for rebirth by recognizing your many achievements and your personal gifts.

Capricorn –Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in your 8 on the 18th. Take advantage of the benefits that come to you from your partners. Some kind of inheritance could come or you should start an investment plan. Don’t allow foolish desires to lead to waste and decay a foolish pleasures taken now can ruin your life so honor your commitments. Deepen your psychic and spiritual bonds with others.

Capricorn – Mars conjuncts Saturn on the 25th in house 11 increases your involvement with groups of people or professional organizations. You want to better the world and you know you must take action if you’re ever going to gain power. The conjunction to Saturn warns you not to be selfish, don’t be independent and be willing to cooperate with others. You must reform yourself first if you want to reform the world. This is a good time to be involved with a cause beyond your personal interests. Give it your best.