Capricorn – The month begins as Saturn turns direct in Scorpio and your 11 house of friends and Associates. This is his final transit here for the next 27 years. Have come into contact with groups of people over the past few years. You’ve learned how you fit in to their vision and how their vision fits into your life. You have much to give to others especially in your understanding of management and efficiency. But you must now decide if the groups you participate in our true to their values.

Capricorn – Jupiter enters Virgo and your 9 house the higher mind on August 11. Jupiter is in detriment in this sign so you may have to make some adjustments in the areas of travel, ambition and learning. You will benefit greatly by taking your quest for knowledge seriously. Do not allow pie-in-the-sky ideas overcome your basic practicality. Yes, you must be open to new ideas and knowledge but they must be fundamentally sound and productive. Perhaps this is what real wisdom means.

Capricorn – Venus retrograde in your 8 house of shared resources and intimacy suggests you need to re-evaluate how you share energy and resources with the other people in your life. You may become aware that your values are different than theirs. In intimate affairs, you may have to take a backseat to your partner’s needs. If you relax your ego and give more to others you may reap a greater reward in the future.