Capricorn – a combination of easy aspect begins the month on a positive note. Mars energizes your emotional nature bringing more passion into your life while Saturn stabilizes your inner nature. The new moon in your 8 brings an opportunity to overcome obstacles as a new cycle of spiritual courage strengthened your faith in yourself.

Capricorn – The month begins as Saturn turns direct in Sagittarius and your 12 house spirituality and limitations. You’ve had time to go inside yourself to evaluate the deeper meaning of your life and spirit. The world of dreams, intuition and spirituality has opened you to new realities. Now you must release the ghosts of the past, your fears and failures and use your intuition and understanding to help you grow in spirituality and power.

Capricorn Mars in your 12 may push you to dig deep into your hidden fears and desires. You must know your true motivations or you might wind up getting things you don’t really want. Use prayer and meditation to clear your emotions. The conjunction with Saturn suggests karma, the unconscious, and habit patterns may be tripping you up. You need to become more spiritually evolved and peaceful. Keep you actions pure.

Capricorn – beautiful Venus joins expansive Jupiter in Virgo and your 9 house. An aura of opportunity suggests its time to open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. The world is full of wonder and you are invited to sample different cultures, philosophies and belief systems. This will help broaden your understanding and sharpen your natural sense of ambition. This is one time when you may throw caution to the winds. Just remember to be humble.